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A Day at Sea

Day 1
The sun’s bright spotlight shines upon the seas azure stage.

The dolphins perform their salty song and dance.

The world seems perfect, safe.

Day 2
‘A voyage worth taking’, he’d said, ‘an adventure across the wild blue yonder’.

Day 5
Storms raged for three days and my stomach is now a world class gymnast.

Day 6
The morning sun, the seas calm blue glass, and ‘Land Ho’.

Day 7

The Door opens, a man walks in.

“Simulations over, exit on your left please.”

“Screw this crap. Babe, cancel that trip, were going to the Grand Canyon.”

For My Brother

Death, you thief.

You would pinch vitalities strength?

You would nick wills billows?

You would lift cognitions faculty?

You kleptomaniac.

You would rob memories clarity?

You would filch momentums progress?

Death, you thieving, callous brute!

You would steal my brother from me?

His life is not yours to take, look nigh, the light of his soul still shines.

Your minions: pneumonia, stroke and weakness, shall not linger long in him.

While life in him remains, the knight of my families love fights for him.

You cannot loot hopes flame.

You cannot purloin loves healing balm.

Thieving Death, you shall not prevail!

I write from the Hip.

Okay, so I am not sure if everyone who writes a fiction story has as much fun as I do when I write. I mean I read stories on blogs about how people struggle with what to write next, or what there next books characters are going to do. Me I write from the hip. I let it flow. All the scenes and the characters, they just fly from my mind to the screen.

Is this normal. Do other writers do this? Well I asked google and here is what it said:   read

Successful Fiction Writing = Organizing + Creating + Marketing

Created by Randy Ingermanson – “the Snowflake Guy”
America’s Mad Professor of Fiction Writing

Now I kinda relate to this guy, because our day jobs match up. However, I don’t agree with the organization routine. A story is organic. Its is spontaneous. I believe that a story writes itself. I have not been to college for writing. I went to college for Computer Science, explicitly for Software Engineering. Now one thing I can tell you about software, is that you have to think of every possible and impossible thing a user might do with it. That means you have to imagine, what they would do with it.

This is part of software design. Most software engineers are creatives of some kind. It takes a certain type of mind to work at the monotony of writing source code. It is gratifying when you solve a problem, or when something you wrote comes to life and actually gets used by someone however, in order to get to that point you have to imagine what that software would be like.

This is where things differ, I write from the hip. My stories are born not made. They come to me as easily as the wind blows the leaves across my driveway during the fall. There is no timeline, no story board, no silo of ideas and sub ideas, plots and sub plots; there is only the story. It weaves itself as it will. Now don’t get me wrong, all those things can be incredibly useful, and necessary sometimes when a stories make-up starts to get unwieldy. But there is no set in stone rule that says “that is who you must do it.”

Every line I write flows from the one before it. The story is rich and new, and the imagination is in full bloom in this way. When we let our imagination flow, without restriction, or confinement, we give it the wings it needs to soar to new heights, and that is where the new stories come from. The more you let you imagination have its way with you words, the more you find that what your writing has never been written before.