A World Long Forgotten

A World Long Forgotten

A blight will spread across the land and the shadow of Taurian’s bane shall cast its cloak of darkness upon the world. The endless night shall consume the Day Bringer, the demons of the dark shall rise up and they shall devour all who crave the light. On the night of the longest day, a creature shall be born into the world, and its appetite for destruction shall not be quenched until nothing is left to devour. – From the Doomsayer’s Prophecies: The Song of the Longest night – The Gaegian Age

If the Ancients knew what Blackwater had been through, they would have asked someone else to save the world. Blackwater is able to travel anywhere in the blink of an eye. All the other Key Masters have been hunted down and killed, their power thought too great to be allowed to exist. Blackwater is walking death; his powers, coupled with the training he received from his father, made him one of the deadliest men in the world.

Now tucked away from the rest of the world in a forest where time moves much slower, Blackwater wonders what good power is if you cannot save the ones that mattered most. Blackwater finds himself in the company of the Ancient forest god Haden. Haden reveals to Blackwater that the world is dying. Blackwater learns that the only way to save the world lies beneath it, in the underground city of Taenaria. The city is thousands of leagues from the forest where he now resides. In order to save the world of Tuarian, Blackwater must make a Key-Way and travel to the Eastern Reach, down into the depths of Taenaria.

In Taenaria, Blackwater’s choices go from bad to worse, when he must weigh his life against his newly found companions. Sandraca, the last Bardic conjurer of The Brotherhood, his Tiger-Mare Leilani, the last of her kind, Barabasa, the ancient Gnomish Dream Walker, and Aieda, one of the long-hidden immortals of Phorexia. If Blackwater saves his companions at the cost of his life, the prophecy might never be fulfilled and Chaos will reign, if he lets them die, the world will lose the only chance it has against the Chaos that is coming.

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