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Inglorious Ideas


Ever watch a movie, read a book, watch a TV show and think,”I would have done something different there because that is so not what a person would really do or the delivery is not at all relatable”?

Well I was tired of doing that, so I decided to write my own story. A story where I am in control, and where my characters do things that real people would actually do, because I can relate to a character who is not sure they would jump for joy at having to save the world, if they had failed to save everyone else they cared about.

So I write the story that should have been written in the first place. I am a firm believer that adding joy to the world is better than adding the dressiness of reality. If I am writing fantastical fiction than it should not be a tragedy but a triumph something that inspires hope not the hopeless gut wrenching truth that is the human condition.

If I wanted to do that then I would write non-fiction. So if my writing delivery seems lackluster to a seasoned writer, but is eaten up by the readers then who is right in this situation? The veteran that doesn’t change with the times is destined to be left behind while the world around them changes.

Sorry for the rant. Just got a critique on my book, and the reader said that the book was not going to sell because I gave the reader everything they wanted and only one person died, and by doing that, it made it unrealistic. ITS A WORK OF !@%!@%$@# FICTION!! It’s suppose to be unrealistic.


I hear what the reader is saying. And while I can see his general viewpoint I refuse to write stories that pull at the emotions of the readers only to leave them empty and wondering. What good does writing do if it evokes the emotions of hate, disdain and regret.

Would anyone argue the point, that those kinds of stories do the world any good?

Did anyone see the Movie The Grey? What was the emotional roller-coaster for, to prove the writer could evoke your emotions and massage his ego? The movie left you empty with a hopeless outcome. My wife and the couple we were watching with felt the same way, are we not entitled to feel that way? We paid for the story, it just didn’t deliver for us.

Don’t get me wrong some tragedies serve their purpose in teaching a lesson, as in the story of Romeo and Juliet. But their is no reason, in my opinion, to bring to the world a story in which their is no more usefulness than to point out that the world sucks.

So to bring this all back full circle, the only critique really worth weighing is the one whose publishing your work, the reader who is reading it, and the customer who is buying it.


Okay come on, do I have any takers? Who wants to read my MS?

For the love of Writing


So recently, I decided to go back to school. I turn forty on the 26th, and well, that just seems a bit long in the tooth to be re-educating myself. But what do I know? Well I do know I love to write, but I am not sure if I am really good at it. So, I am going to reapply myself to the literary arts, and go back to school.

Anyway, I love to write. I didn’t know I loved to write, till I started playing role playing games. Role playing games gave me the liberty of creating a character that I could do with as I saw fit. He could be good, in the way Robin hood was good, and that was okay. He/she  could be tall, or strong, or good with a bow an arrow. The atmosphere gave me an opportunity to express myself in ways I hadn’t been able to before. When asked how my character had come to be where his is now, I was introduced to the Back Story Concept. The Back Story Concept allows for an individual to create a story of their characters history, their triumphs, their struggles, their loss, their motivation. I thought this was awesome.

Now today,one 110K MS later,  so many years have past since that first backstory. I find myself writing, not only about one character, but about many. I am creating a whole new world with different races and history.  Writing just flows from me like a river, and so now I write for the love of writing. So here’s to those who created role playing games, and here’s to those who had the courage to play pretend out in the open where everyone could see, and here’s to the Role Players all over the world who found a place they could be themselves and feel safe.

May your stories live on in the hearts in minds of all of us who read them.

Excitement, not so exciting


So I finally got my agent query proofed and vetted by someone who has already gotten requests from her own queries, (thank you so much Elise), and so that is amazing! I am so excited about getting to the next step in my writing journey. So what do I do I start looking for agents to query, and what do they ask for? All the agents I have found have pretty much the same submission process: Send a Synopsis and the first five pages of your MS.

What?! A Synopsis? Oh, and not just a regular synopsis, but one that reveals the ending. I mean that kills the book right? Do you really want to read the book? I mean I get it, they receive a lot of queries and they only want to read the ones that they think are interesting. However, there are all these rules and guidelines out there for a good novel Synopsis, yet none of them seem to apply to me. I am sure they do, but it doesn’t feel that way right now.

Anyway, looks like I am back to revising more writing.

Don’t look back, Flash Fiction in Three Sentences


A flash of light burns around the edges of Stan’s peripheral as he runs toward the nights black lit emptiness. Don’t look back, don’t look back he tells himself, but the overwhelming feeling of anticipation and regret, strangle the reason from him, and he turns. Stan sees a large being floating in the air with a sword glowing as bright as the sun itself; winged and blazing, he looks upon the last sight his eyes will behold as he turns to a pillar of salt.

Cold Fire


The trees swayed as the sage stepped from the cover they gave.  He looked at the fire demon bearing down on him. An acrid smell of death and decay filled the air as the demons burning sulfurous body hung in the air waiting for the Sage to approach.

“You can never quench the fire that burns in me foolish mortal. I burn for the sake of burning.”

“Your fire is not the only fire there is, you foul creature. I shall send you back to where you came from.”

The demons roared flinging  a barrage of fire-balls, one after the other at the Sage. The sage drops to one knee trying with all his might to hold back the demons rage that burns ever hotter. But there is nothing he can do to stop it.The sage is now on hands and knees smoke covering the sage head to toe. The raging demon becomes molten and the Sage ignites. A burning blaze engulfs him.

The sage goes still head bowed, his clothes a roaring inferno. Then the demon above him laughs and throws another blazing fire ball at him for good measure. The demons laughter soon subsides in confusion as the sound of a deep rumbling laughter emotes from the Sages burning countenance.

The demon above the Sage growls in frustration and hurls fire ball after fire ball at the sage. Then the sage stands up, throws his head back and bellows in laughter. His eyes turn red, then black as two large ram horns grow from the top of the Sages head.

The demon above looks down in confusion, then in apprehension as the Sage float up into the air to face the demon.

“You foolish little demon, your fire may burn for the sake of burning, but my fire burns fire.” The Sages inner demon began to burn bright orange, then red, then white, then finally settled on blue.

The Sages inner demon began to burn bright orange, then red, then white, then finally settled on blue.

The other demons face went from apprehension to all out terror at the sight of the cold fire now burning brightly in and around the demon-sage that floated in front of him.  The demon-sage lifted his elongated hand and twirled his fingers in a spidery rhythm, a ball of blue fire gathered there. The other demon turned and created a gateway of fire to escape, but he was not quite fast enough and as his body passed through the gate it disintegrated in a plume of blue flames.

The demon-sage smiled and floated to the ground, satisfied with what he had done. Then he felt a presence behind him, he turned curious, as he did so the small human hand of his apprentice shoved  a twelve pointed talisman through his demon chest and shouted.

“Be gone demon. I banish you back to the hell you came from.” The demon-saged looked at his young apprentice, his eyes showing the truth of it all, and turning to ash and cinder as essence was carried away on the wind.


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Brotherly Bonds


My brother Jonathan has been in the ICU for more than a month now. When he came in he had pneumonia. After he had been there three days he had multiple strokes. The doctors said that he would not survive and that we had to prepare for the worst. But I knew my brothers resilience, I knew that they didn’t, I knew that he would survive.

So my brother fought death. Jon’s a lion. He looked death in the eye and roared. Next to him, standing with a sword and shield,  was the Knight our families love, a bright light illuminating from him. He  stood before death, sword in the air, shield raised high, defiantly prepared.

Death looked upon the Lion and the Knight and there in the depths of the knights eyes he saw mine, and he knew while I yet drew breath he would not have my brother.

Now, more than a month later, my brother is sitting up in his hospital bed, eating solid foods, and he can move pretty much ninety percent of his body. He has a long road to recovery ahead of him, but the road is there.

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A power called Positivity


So what is positivity? Is it a real word? Of course it is.

“What is spoken hath life, for it is manifested in our minds and hearts, and so it is in fact real.” – Jason Magnason

What? Who says you can’t quote your self? Enough about that, let’s move on.

What is the power of Positivity? Well, the power of positivity, is the ability to build a container of positive essence, that surrounds us.

This container can be filled in a number of different  ways. Some call it Karma, some call it paying it forward, some see it as faith and blessings.

The truth is, no matter what you call it, it is tangible. It is a very real and usable power.  All you have to do is, live in the moment, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and if it do no harm, do as you will. Pretty simple right. None of these things are exclusive to any one religion or faith, or pillar of principles. They are just common ways to do the right thing. When you make good decisions, good things happen. However, there is a key to this whole thing.

Ready for the secrete?

Okay here it is, commercial free: The secrete to leveraging the Power of Positivity is the mental fortitude of belief. All you have to do is convince yourself that good things will happen to you, and they will. Now we all know that their are things we believe in without doubt or contradiction, things like, that chair your sitting in right now. You know beyond the shadow of a doubt, that when you sit down in that chair it will not break or crumble or fall apart, unless it needs maintenance that is.  This is the kind of belief that it takes to practice the Power Of Positivity. If you can believe that good things will happen to you, the way you believe your chair will be there when you sit down; the way that you believe you will wake up every morning, the way you believe that your next breath will be there when you try to take it,  if you can believe like that, then you can harness the Power of Positivity.

Believe that it can be done and it will be so. Nothing is impossible that you can not imagine. Be positive, and life will give you what you seek.

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