The trees swayed as the sage stepped from the cover they gave.  He looked at the fire demon bearing down on him. An acrid smell of death and decay filled the air as the demons burning sulfurous body hung in the air waiting for the Sage to approach.

“You can never quench the fire that burns in me foolish mortal. I burn for the sake of burning.”

“Your fire is not the only fire there is, you foul creature. I shall send you back to where you came from.”

The demons roared flinging  a barrage of fire-balls, one after the other at the Sage. The sage drops to one knee trying with all his might to hold back the demons rage that burns ever hotter. But there is nothing he can do to stop it.The sage is now on hands and knees smoke covering the sage head to toe. The raging demon becomes molten and the Sage ignites. A burning blaze engulfs him.

The sage goes still head bowed, his clothes a roaring inferno. Then the demon above him laughs and throws another blazing fire ball at him for good measure. The demons laughter soon subsides in confusion as the sound of a deep rumbling laughter emotes from the Sages burning countenance.

The demon above the Sage growls in frustration and hurls fire ball after fire ball at the sage. Then the sage stands up, throws his head back and bellows in laughter. His eyes turn red, then black as two large ram horns grow from the top of the Sages head.

The demon above looks down in confusion, then in apprehension as the Sage float up into the air to face the demon.

“You foolish little demon, your fire may burn for the sake of burning, but my fire burns fire.” The Sages inner demon began to burn bright orange, then red, then white, then finally settled on blue.

The Sages inner demon began to burn bright orange, then red, then white, then finally settled on blue.

The other demons face went from apprehension to all out terror at the sight of the cold fire now burning brightly in and around the demon-sage that floated in front of him.  The demon-sage lifted his elongated hand and twirled his fingers in a spidery rhythm, a ball of blue fire gathered there. The other demon turned and created a gateway of fire to escape, but he was not quite fast enough and as his body passed through the gate it disintegrated in a plume of blue flames.

The demon-sage smiled and floated to the ground, satisfied with what he had done. Then he felt a presence behind him, he turned curious, as he did so the small human hand of his apprentice shoved  a twelve pointed talisman through his demon chest and shouted.

“Be gone demon. I banish you back to the hell you came from.” The demon-saged looked at his young apprentice, his eyes showing the truth of it all, and turning to ash and cinder as essence was carried away on the wind.


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