What is creative writing and who asks this question? There are more ways to define creative writing than there are trees in the forests of the world. Each interpretation gives life to new understandings and new perspectives of its premise. This writer would define creative writing as a thoroughfare between the mind’s eye and the threads of imagination.

Each individual that writes creatively brings to fruition the labors of the imagination. What does it mean to create? The common definition of create is to bring something into existence. Each idea is a seed that gives breath to the body of our minds fabrications. We in turn are the vessel for bringing that body of work forth in the written word.

What do you suppose we create when we write a story? Is it the characters and the history of their failures and triumphs? Is it the prose that reads like the pouring of rain? No. This writer believes that creative writing has a much more profound definition. As creative writers we bring forth the human conditions greatest strengths and weaknesses. We draw out the creation song of life and display it for all to see. Some authors of philosophy would say we are what we feel, and that we feel make us human.

Emotion is the pathway to understanding. We create a language of emotion when we write. It is the song we sing to our soul when we are happy, sad, hopeful or desperate. Creative writing is a means to channel that emotion to create greatness in others. Our pens are the trees of the world and our ink the ocean. May the creative writers of the world bring forth the highway of human thought and bridge the gap between the fantastical and the real.