So I finally got my agent query proofed and vetted by someone who has already gotten requests from her own queries, (thank you so much Elise), and so that is amazing! I am so excited about getting to the next step in my writing journey. So what do I do I start looking for agents to query, and what do they ask for? All the agents I have found have pretty much the same submission process: Send a Synopsis and the first five pages of your MS.

What?! A Synopsis? Oh, and not just a regular synopsis, but one that reveals the ending. I mean that kills the book right? Do you really want to read the book? I mean I get it, they receive a lot of queries and they only want to read the ones that they think are interesting. However, there are all these rules and guidelines out there for a good novel Synopsis, yet none of them seem to apply to me. I am sure they do, but it doesn’t feel that way right now.

Anyway, looks like I am back to revising more writing.