So recently, I decided to go back to school. I turn forty on the 26th, and well, that just seems a bit long in the tooth to be re-educating myself. But what do I know? Well I do know I love to write, but I am not sure if I am really good at it. So, I am going to reapply myself to the literary arts, and go back to school.

Anyway, I love to write. I didn’t know I loved to write, till I started playing role playing games. Role playing games gave me the liberty of creating a character that I could do with as I saw fit. He could be good, in the way Robin hood was good, and that was okay. He/she  could be tall, or strong, or good with a bow an arrow. The atmosphere gave me an opportunity to express myself in ways I hadn’t been able to before. When asked how my character had come to be where his is now, I was introduced to the Back Story Concept. The Back Story Concept allows for an individual to create a story of their characters history, their triumphs, their struggles, their loss, their motivation. I thought this was awesome.

Now today,one 110K MS later,  so many years have past since that first backstory. I find myself writing, not only about one character, but about many. I am creating a whole new world with different races and history.  Writing just flows from me like a river, and so now I write for the love of writing. So here’s to those who created role playing games, and here’s to those who had the courage to play pretend out in the open where everyone could see, and here’s to the Role Players all over the world who found a place they could be themselves and feel safe.

May your stories live on in the hearts in minds of all of us who read them.