All the Key Masters in Taurian have been killed and their craft has been lost. Eight hundred seasons have passed since Key Makers were abundant in the world. Their abilities have slipped into memory and legend. Yet one remains. One who refuses to use his power.We follow David Blackwater The last Key Master, and his companion Horse Bastian, across the plains of the Galton Valley to the Scaladium Forest and then into the Depths of Taenaria.

Taurian the giver of life is slowly being drained of her essence. She has called Blackwater to be her champion and to prevent the chaos that is striving to destroy her. Blackwater must once again use his Key Magic to travel into the depths of Taenaria to recover the one thing that can save Taurian. Can Blackwater and Bastian make it in time to prevent Chaos from destroying Taurian?

Find out in The Last Key Master Book 1 of the Key Masters Chronicles


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